So far the contribution of the community has been $0 so far.
Each 100 Gold Coins = $1.
There is no latest supporter as of yet. But will be announced here.

The Alpha Access costs 5,000 gold coins as an example which equals to $50

If you would like to support the game, please make sure to donate with the PayPal Button down below, PLEASE NOTE that buying gold coins is final and there is unfortunately no refund policy set in place, there will be no refunds at this current time.

Buy Gold Coins ->

*Please note that it will state donation (can't change the wording on PayPal) - this still works with gaining your Gold Coins

*Please keep a screenshot of your purchase made, if you do not have a screenshot of the purchase made, then make sure to have proof of email ownership from where the purchase came from.


Demo Stage

Demo Stage will go until the new town where you can only repair everything to the second stage and you can only level your character to level 20, after this you will need your Alpha Key pass to have 0 limitations

  • Finish All Designs for the Trees and finish the Woodcutting proffesion.

  • Finish All Designs for the Mining Nodes and finish the Mining proffesion.